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We offer a complete range of funeral services
to meet your families’ needs.

Plan A Funeral

A loved one has passed and you are now faced with the challenges of planning a funeral. We are here to help you through this difficult time with care and compassion.

Plan Ahead

Tough decisions are easier when made in advance. The pain and shock of losing a loved one can be eased with our advanced planning services. 


Cremation is becoming increasingly popular when saying goodbye to loved ones. Cremation offers more flexibility and can be less expensive than burial.


The repatriation service offered by Lyndhurst International is designed to provide a service of the highest standard for the bereaved. 

Grave Maintenance

You can trust us to take great care of the resting place of your loved ones. Our experienced maintenance team can keep your memorial in good repair.

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Contact our experienced Funeral Directors and discover how Lyndhurst Funeral Home can serve you through challenging times.

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Lyndhurst offers Dominicans a high quality service in funeral operations.

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