Most of you reading this may have relatives who have reminded you that when the time comes, they wish to be buried in their home country one day. Or, you have thought about applying these plans for yourself in the future, yet, may assume that flying the remains from one country to another is too complex to think about for the time being.

Regardless of where you or your loved one is located in the world, it would be smart to begin thinking about how transporting a body or the remains of the deceased works.

The process must be done through a funeral home. This service is known as “Repatriation”. This means transporting a body or its remains from one location to another, be it domestic or international transportation. Here at Lyndhurst, we begin this process by having you provide us with information, some of which would be the following…

  1. Your contact information
  2. Name of the deceased
  3. Your relationship with the deceased
  4. A copy of the death certificate (if available at the time)
  5. And additional information would be requested by Lyndhurst, specific to the situation.

Afterwards, Lyndhurst will coordinate the process needed to bring you or your loved one from abroad, to either our facility or any others across the globe.


Contacting The Initial Funeral Home

Lyndhurst will contact the funeral home where the deceased is being held for the time being. Our funeral home has an extensive global network of funeral directors. This enables us to work with other funeral homes with ease, in order to transfer the deceased within the country’s regulations and standards.


Air Transport

Factors such as coffin requirements, body preservation & airfare bookings are some of the hurdles an individual would face trying to manage this type of transport by themselves. Not to mention, not all airlines are willing to even transport the deceased at all.

Lyndhurst Funeral Home takes care of all the hassle. In this process, we will help you put together the necessary documentation needed. Plus, provide a translation for any international documents in this circumstance. Lyndhurst will also connect with international embassies & consulates to ensure that there aren’t any issues with the deceased leaving its current borders.


Domestic Transport

Once the deceased has landed in the chosen location, Lyndhurst can then coordinate with the local funeral home that the client has chosen to take possession of the body once it has arrived in the destination country. Not only have we made arrangements to and from Barbados, but we also serve and welcome all international clients stretching as far from Canada to Russia and any place in between.

Our services are open to all international clients ranging from diplomatic entities, individuals, other repatriation companies and insurance companies.

No matter what, it is imperative to transport the deceased through the help of a funeral home. Here at Lyndhurst, we’re here to help our clients with the utmost ease and professional service.

For more information or inquiries, please view our Repatriation Services page for more details.

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